Add a header to a raw binary file in order to make it loadable by an Oric using the CLOAD command. This operation is necessary because the result of the compilation process is a raw binary file without any loading information.


To add or remove a header on a tape file:

	%OSDK%\bin\Header [switches] source_file destination_file load_adress

Please note that for the load adress, hexadecimal adresses should be prefixed by a $ symbol.


The -a switch control the autorun flag:

-a0 => program simply load and stop
-a1 => program automaticaly executes after loading

The -h switch controls fact that the header is present or removed

-h0 => Remove the header
-h1 => Output a file with a header

The -s switch controls the display of file size information. This switch is particularly interesting for people coding size limited programs, like roms, minigames or 256 bytes demos.

-s0 => No size infor,ation is displayed
-s1 => Display size informations in the output

To enable this feature in your own programs, just modify your OSDK_CONFIG.BAT file, and add the following:


Known issues

No known problem - please signal any issue on the Cross development tools forum.

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  • Added s0/s1 mode to display file size information.
    Very usefull when you want to know the size of your game in a minigame compo...