Tap2Wav & Tap2Cd


These two tools perform the same thing: allowing the creation of .WAV files from .TAP files. Those .WAV files then can be either written on an Audio CD, or directly played by the PC sound card to the oric, or recorded on a tape recorder.

The main difference between both programs, is that Tap2Wav simply generate a Wav file corresponding to the given tape, while Tap2Cd uses a special encoding that give a x10 speed up by appending a special fast loader before the converted TAP file. It's faster, but also less reliable, and cannot work for all kind of programs.


To create a wave file using Tap2Wav, here is the syntax:

	%OSDK%\bin\Tap2Wav [switches] tap_file wav_file

Switches can be:

	-8  produces a  8 kHz WAV file
	-11 produces a 11 kHz WAV file  (default is 4800 Hz)

To create a wave file using Tap2Cd, here is the syntax:

	%OSDK%\bin\Tap2Cd tap_file wav_file

Known issues

Reported by Hialmar the Sun 3rd June 2018

Issue #23: Generated floppies have no free disk space
Details: Tap2Dsk generates floppies that only contain the provide files, without any spare space, that makes it unpractical to generate floppies for games or tools since you can't save any new file.

Reported by Hialmar the Thu 19th February 2015

Issue #1: Corrupted DSK files
Details: I have no idea why but if you copy files, edit files and the like you end up with corrupted files on the .dsk.

Resolved issues

Reported by Chema the Fri 20th February 2015
Fixed in OSDK 1.7

Issue #2: Missing INIST and DiskName options
Details: Fabrice's version has two options, -i and -n, that can be used to set the INIST startup string and the name of the disk. The version of the OSDK does not have these options.The issue is actually that MAKE.BAT does not pass the parameters: Replacing the call to Tap2DSk by '%OSDK%\bin ap2dsk.exe -n%OSDKDNAME% -i%OSDKINIST% %OSDKDISK% build\%OSDKNAME%.tap build\%OSDKNAME%.dsk' fixes the issue.

Reported by Chema the Thu 2nd April 2015
Fixed in OSDK 1.6

Issue #4: Need a way to remove the spamming of "writing size %d track %d sector..." messages when using Old2Mfm

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